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Minelantis Members


Zimmby is the owner of Minelantis. He founded the server after the TDP Minecraft server closed it's doors as a place for him and fellow Minecrafters to play.
He originates from Canada, and is one of the few Canadians on the server. He lives close to Puddleduck, which is pretty close to spawn. Zimmby is a member of
The Duck Pond, producing video content for YouTube and generally being a good person, like most Canadians.


Puddleduck does most of the administration on Minelantis, updating the server version, updating and installing plugins and also maintaining the website.
Puddleduck wrote minelantis.com from scratch and thinks it looks very snazzy. He lives near spawn, and is the main builder of the Minelantis railway
network, starting construction on the station and most of the railways. Puddleduck is from the United Kingdom, and is rather proud of that fact. Puddleduck is
also the founder of an organisation called The Duck Pond, which has many members who play on Minelantis.


Moo is one of the original members of Minelantis and he has a habbit of building bases and then either blowing them up or burning them down. He has a number
of bases scattered throughout the map, mostly in the south. His current location is in the far north, where he has established his 'poot HQ'. Moo is from Canada,
but lives in a completely different timezone from Zimmby which means we hardly ever see him on the server.


Navy (aka Jesse) plays on Minelantis with his IRL friend iamninja28. They live in the north of the map in a hotel they have dubbed The Prestige.
They are well known on YouTube for building various structures in the Nether, with them accounting for most of the Nether activity on Minelantis. Navy is from the
United States. Navy is an avid TF2 player and he is often known to sit for hours playing TF2 in silence, with the motto: Just one more hat...


Ninja (aka Brian) is the good friend of NavyNorris, living together in The Prestige in the north of the map. Ninja enjoys playing Counter Strike, a lot. He is known to often
use 1337 h4x to make Puddleduck die repeatedly while being flown around by a wild Ninja on steroids. Ninja also enjoys playing Garrys Mod and is a member of The Duck Pond.
He is also from the United States.


Axeboy is a member of The Duck Pond and is also from the United Kingdom. Axeboy lives on the western region of Minelantis, living in an extreme hills biome where he often gets
lost amongst the mountains. He enjoys playing Garrys Mod and various other games.


Eike is one of the newer members of the server, joining us just before our update to Minecraft 1.7. He is from the UK and is a great addition to the server!


Wolf is a member of Minelantis who joined around the same time as Alpha and has become a major part of server life. He became less active n the run up to Minecraft 1.7 but hopes to become active on the server once more!


HarryHillRules is another member from the UK. He knows Puddleduck IRL and has a very small YouTube channel. He is a total noob at Minecraft and is slowly getting better at the game
with the help of Puddleduck and others. He has two houses, one right next to spawn and one near Puddleduck's castle which is north of spawn. He has also constructed a pyramid in the
desert biome near his home.


Kreebel is an important part of Minelantis. Often sitting for hours playing on Minelantis alone, mining away looking for loot. He keeps the server ticking over and often encourages
other players to login. He is always nice to talk to, even via the web chat if we don't have time to log in and talk to him. Kreebel also hails from the US.


Saphiriie (aka Lily) is one of the few female members on Minelantis. She is responsible for building the interior of Puddleduck's castle and can often be found traveling down the railways
exploring whatever she finds. She is always a pleasure to talk to and just happens to be from the United States like many other Minelantis members.


DRL (aka Daryl) is a very well known YouTuber. He is the best known out of all the Minelantis members, with well over 50 thousand subscribers on YouTube. He has started work on a round treehouse
in the north of the map, just slightly north of Navy and Ninja's place. Daryl is from the US, and sometimes has his recordings interupted by a train passing.


Mickmock is one of Zimmby's IRL friends. He lives directly east of Zimmby in a small hut. Beneath the surface his base is very expansive. He is often nice to talk to via the webchat and is a great addition
to the Minelantis group!


Alphaglitchgirl (aka Alice) is one of the newest members on Minelantis. She joined after being invited by Puddleduck and has already started building her settlement. She doesn't live far from Axeboy and hopes to make many
friends on Minelantis. She originated from the United Kingdom.


MattZED_ is a pretty long standing member of Minelantis. Living pretty close to Kreebel, he keeps himself to himself. He set off on an adventure to find a sutible place to live and finally settled upon a reasonably
large island out in the ocean in the eastern part of the map. MattZED is from Norway!


Purge is a pretty cool guy and he is from Canada. He has a small YouTube channel but is yet to produce any videos. Hopefully in his time on Minelantis we can support him and help his video making
career explode!


zxcvbnmz5, or Zexy for short has been on Minelantis a couple of months and is a pretty active player. Originating from the US, he playes om Minelantis pretty often and is a pretty interesting person to
talk to.


Jagbox is one of the newest members of Minelantis. He has yet to find a place to lie, but we are sure that he will fond a place that he just loves. Jagbox is from the US and one day hopes to join The Duck Pond.


Sinyail, also known as Sam, is a loyal member of the server! He is from the United Kingdom and is a pretty cool guy in Puddleduck's opinion! He has yet to make any videos, but he sometimes features in other member's videos and plans to make his own videos when he is technically able to!


Seckel knew Puddleduck a very long time ago and they played together on the same server where Puddleduck met Zimmby. He has terrible lag on Minelantis but we are working to fix that.


Flub is no longer a full time member of Minelantis, although he was one of the founding members. He has gone his seperate ways from Minelantis is he felt the gameplay had grown stale and has gone on to find
a server that suits him better. He has requested that he stays on the whitelist so that he can still visit, and he is still invited to most server wide events, as these are very different from regular Minelantis


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